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the program for beginners or anyone getting back on trACK





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Full Body Growth

This program is specifically designed to target the glutes and entire lower body to add both visual growth and functional strength.


Strategically designed according to science-based research and 10+ years of experience, this program will help you build muscle.

24/7 Support

Along with the program itself, Jarelle grants each student individualized access to himself for questions as they arise via text/email.

join the community

Join the Mentally Fit Community and discuss any questions or provide support with fellow students of the program.

Contents of program

beginner program final cover-min

the 12 week program

The complete 12 week program designed to target full-body muscle growth. Broken up into two 6-week phases, the first phase will focus on building familiarity with the movements while phase two will ramp up both intensity and volume to maximize growth.

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video demonstrations

Never be confused about how to perform an exercise at the gym again! Included along with each individual exercise is a personalized link to a video demonstration filmed by Jarelle showing exactly how to perform the movements. Watch as often as needed and perfect your craft.



An important part of getting results is tracking and monitoring your progress. Included with each exercise is a space to track your current weight and reps to look back on as you continue through the program to see your improvement. You will surprise yourself.


Anatomy and Biomechanics

Learn the functional anatomy and biomechanics of the muscles to fully understand how to train and target muscles. This will allow you to understand the connection and links between different muscles and allow you to properly troubleshoot your problem areas.


Is this program good for people who have never worked out before?

Absolutely! Each exercise is accompanied with a video demonstration performed by Jarelle and you can simply copy the movements from the video. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to Jarelle directly as each member of the program has direct access to Jarelle via text message.

What if I am unable to train 4 times a week?

Rather than skipping workouts, you can still continue following the order of the workouts but you do not have to complete all 4 days in a single week. That means, you can complete the 4 workouts over the span of 8-9 days instead of 1 week, and then move on to the following week’s workouts.

Can I replace certain movements?

Sure! As long as they are of a similar movement pattern. For example, you can replace a barbell squat with a kettlebell squat.